Septic Tank Cleaning in Dunwoody

As with most things we own, the better you take care of your septic system, the more efficiently it will operate and the longer it will last. Septic tank cleaning in Dunwoody is possibly the single most important way of maintaining your septic system. For reliable, affordable, and prompt septic tank cleaning services, call the professionals at Metro Septic Pumping. We are excited to share our years of experience, sophisticated equipment, and certified septic technicians with our friends and neighbors in Dunwoody. Call our office today and ask one of our friendly staff members about our limited promotional offers on Dunwoody septic cleaning.

What Are the Risks of Improper Septic System Use?

Your septic system is a fairly simple system but equally sensitive. When taking care of your septic system, keep in mind all tips associated with regular plumbing and centralized sewer systems but be even more careful. This means avoid flushing anything other than the three P’s: pee, poop, and (toilet) paper. Flushing hard objects and other nondegradable items can cause clogging or prematurely fill your septic tank. Further, refrain from pouring any greases or cleaning chemicals down your drain as these threaten the well-being of bacteria and microorganisms housed in the septic tank.
Improperly using your septic system can open the door to a range of risks that can cost you up to tens of thousands of dollars. As mentioned earlier, dumping inappropriate items into your tank can prematurely fill your septic tank or cause clogging. Neglecting to empty your septic tank can cause overflooding of sludge which you will surely smell through your drains as well as around your drain field. Sludge pushing through the piping can contaminate the soil, surface water, and groundwater on your property, resulting in up to tens of thousands of dollars in restoration costs.

If you have any questions or concerns about septic tank cleaning or maintenance, call our office today. Our customer service line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We look forward to speaking with you.

Dunwoody Septic Tank Cleaning

When Should I Get Septic Cleaning in Dunwoody?

Wastewater treatment system cleaning times are hard to predict. As with many things in life, the timing depends on a variety of factors. Depending on the size of the septic tank, size of your household, and the level of your activity, you may need septic tank cleaning once every year to once every three or maybe four years. If you have just moved into a new property, we strongly advise you have the septic tank’s sludge levels inspected. There are tools to do this on your own, granted you have the stomach for it. Otherwise, call the professionals at Metro Septic Pumping. We have staff ready on standby for your call. Call us today and schedule your appointment with one of our certified septic technicians.

Do You Offer Septic Cleaning Near Me?

Homeowners and property owners in Dunwoody, you don’t have to go searching the web for “septic cleaning near me” thanks to Metro Septic Pumping. We offer our septic tank cleaning services to all areas of Dunwoody and look forward to assisting you. Call today and ask about our special offers.


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