Septic Tank Cleaning in Woodstock

How Often Do I Need Septic Tank Cleaning?
At Metro Septic Pumping, we recommend having a septic tank cleaning every 2-3 years for a household of 4-5 people. However, the frequency of cleanings will depend on how much wastewater is generated from your home, how big your septic tank is, and how well you manage what goes into your septic tank. Generally, if the septic tank is managed and cleaned properly, your septic tank system can last for decades. For septic tank cleaning in Woodstock, contact Metro Septic Pumping. We’ll handle your septic tank cleaning and make sure your septic tank is in tip top condition. We offer up front pricing and there are never hidden fees. We’re top rated for wastewater treatment system cleaning in Woodstock and are happy to help all of our neighbors in the area and beyond. 

How Can I Extend the Time Between Septic Tank Cleanings?
Limiting water use and using plant-based soaps and detergents could help extend the time between wastewater treatment system cleaning and potentially keep your tank free from clogs or damages. Disposing of solid wastes properly instead of throwing them down the drain is another way to prevent septic tank trouble.  If you’re not experiencing clogs in your kitchen sink, bathtub, or toilet and don’t suspect any other signs of septic tank failure, it’s most likely that your system is healthy and flowing. If you don’t suspect any septic tank trouble but would still like a professional septic tank cleaning in Woodstock, our technicians at Metro Septic Pumping are licensed and equipped with all of the tools to handle your septic tank needs.

Woodstock Septic Tank Cleaning

Can I Handle Septic Cleaning on My Own?
It’s best to leave septic tank cleaning to the experts. The tiniest mistake can lead to serious health hazards and not to mention, there are strict federal laws for disposing of the waste that comes from cleaning out your septic tank. At Metro Septic Pumping, Woodstock septic cleaning is our profession. We have the latest technology and trained staff to handle any kind of septic tank issue. Any time you feel your septic tank needs to be looked at, checked for damages, or you’re just wondering, “which professionals can I talk to about septic cleaning near me?”, It’s best to consult our experts at Metro Septic Pumping in Woodstock. 

Do I Need to Add Bacteria to My Septic Tank?
It can be overwhelming and confusing when you see hundreds or even thousands of products out there.  It is important to understand how a septic system works before considering any kind of additives. Some products can damage septic systems, interfere with treatment of wastewater, and contaminate groundwater. This is why it is always best to leave it to the experts or consult Metro Septic Pumping for Woodstock septic cleaning.

Which Soap Is Best for Septic Tanks?
Most plant based or “all natural” products are generally safe for your septic tank system. One of the best ways to ensure you are using septic safe laundry soap and dishwashing liquids is to refer to the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) list of Safer Choice products. If you’d like to learn more about better ways to manage your septic tank and are thinking, “I need to find septic cleaning near me,” give us a call at Metro Septic Pumping in Woodstock and we’ll be happy to help you choose safe products for your home plumbing system.  


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