Septic Tank Repair in Fayetteville 

It is one thing for the inside of your septic tank to stink, but when drains and the yard start to reek of sewage, then you have a problem on your hands. If you have a septic tank installation in Fayetteville, then you are in luck as Metro Septic proudly services all areas in Fayetteville with reliable and affordable septic tank repair, septic system maintenance, and even a new septic tank installation. We are your local septic experts with 24/7 customer service, certified septic technicians, and honest pricing. You can schedule your flexible appointment today by calling or visiting our online scheduling page. If you have a septic emergency, please call us now to speak with a friendly representative and request an urgent dispatch.

Proper and Timely Maintenance Saves Money

It is no secret that prevention is the best cure. Proper care and timely septic system maintenance can save you lots of money and time in the long run. We all know that we should not flush nondegradable objects down the toilet and that we should toss food scraps in the garbage bin and not in the sink, but what are some other things we can be mindful of? Homeowners with a septic tank installation in Fayetteville should avoid using antibacterial soaps and harsh chemical cleaners that threaten the “good” bacteria in the septic tank. Avoid overwhelming your septic system with exorbitant water usage; spread out your washing machine, shower, and dishwasher times. Also, keep parked cars and large structures away from the septic tank and drain field areas. Finally, schedule your annual or biennial septic tank inspection to make sure everything is in order.

Septic Tank Installation in Fayetteville, GA

How to Tell It Is Time for A Septic Tank Repair

The best way to know that there is a problem and diagnose it is with a septic tank inspection. However, there are signs that indicate a fault in the septic system. The first thing to look out for, or sniff out for, is odorous drains. What goes down plumbing systems should not come back up. So, if you have sewage or water backups, then you should call the experts at Metro Septic Pumping to take a look. More serious signs are puddles of water or sinkholes in the yard accompanied by smells of sewage. Sewage is a natural fertilizer, so you may notice patches of overly green grass as well. When you need a septic tank repair in Fayetteville, you can call the professionals at Metro Septic Pumping for quick, reliable, and affordable assistance.

Why Metro Septic Pumping?

It might feel like instinct to search the web for “septic tank repair near me” when you have an urgent need, but there is a quicker way. Call Metro Septic Pumping for 24/7 customer service. Thousands choose Metro Septic Pumping for its competitive and honest pricing with no overtime charges, fast response times, and reliable service. Our certified septic technicians and friendly staff are ready to take your call. Contact us today and ask about our promotional offers for Fayetteville residents.


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